Our Mission

We specialize in the analysis and subsequent resolution of non-performing receivables of financial institutions in Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. Through this activity, we help institutions recover their credibility and at the same time, we create the right conditions for debtors so they can repay their debts.

Thanks to our know-how, we purchase portfolios of non-performing receivables of capital companies that provide cash and consumer loans. We only invest in portfolios of receivables that we assess as suitable for purchase and with a high probability of subsequent appreciation.

About us

R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. deals with the purchase and management of receivables. We maintain a balance between debtors and creditors.

Our company is property-linked with the investment company SNAPCORE a.s. This company focuses on investing in the so-called growing markets, especially in Central Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. Thanks to making investments through r2p invest SICAV, it offers high investment returns. Through our company, SNAPCORE invests its capital in real assets with stable growth in value.

*) NPLs = Non-performing Loans


Natalie Ponomarou


Natalie has two higher education degrees from universities of Thessaloniki and Athens. She has work experience in the fields of operations in financial and leasing services, sales and customer service, management and coordination, education, content writing and translations. She speaks fluent English, Greek, Russian and German.

Iana Fedchun

Director of the Czech branch

An experienced, qualified Economist, member of the ACCA, and speaks Czech, Russian and English fluently. Iana has an international mindset and professional approach.

Alex Terskiy

Board Member

Board Member with 10+ years of international experience in managing debt collection and NPL portfolio’s investment in Eastern Europe and Asia. Alex combines knowledge in finance and business with new technologies, innovation, creation of start-ups and mentoring different projects. Strong business development professional with an educational background in statistics. At present, Alex is holding the position of CRO in MBA Consult.

Petr Žáček

Member of the Supervisory Board

Years of business experience allow Peter to manage business partnerships and investor relations. Common sense, business sense, and above all a human approach … these are the cornerstones of his business life.

Victor Vodenko

Board Member

Board Member with over 18 years of international experience in the financial services industry in Eastern Europe, CIS region and Asia. Viktor is an empowering leader with entrepreneurial mindset, strategic vision and ability to achieve goals by making things happen. For the last few years has been leading MBA Consult Group.