Our Mission

We specialize in the analysis and subsequent resolution of non-performing receivables of financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and North and South America. Through this activity, we help institutions recover their credibility, and at the same time, we create the right conditions for debtors so they can repay their debts.

Thanks to our know-how, we purchase portfolios of non-performing receivables of capital companies that provide cash and consumer loans. We only invest in portfolios of receivables that we assess as suitable for purchase and with a high probability of subsequent appreciation.

About us

We are R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. We specialize in the purchase and management of outstanding receivables. This process requires effort and precision – from the careful consideration of new investment to the aftercare that receivables management cannot do without. But in the end, the work done bears fruit in the form of high appreciation.

Our journey to success doesn’t just end within our company. In addition to analyzing and solving the collection of outstanding debts, we also actively seek out companies that have the potential to become part of this industry. We carefully select among the startups and companies across continents that we invest in and ensure that they thrive in the field of bad debt investment.


AT R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. we know what we’re doing.


We have been in the investment field since 2018, but our history goes back several years before that. Even then, the industry was already making its mark on our lives and we started to gather the experience that now makes R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. a successful company. The know-how that we pass on and the precision in selecting portfolios and their subsequent management is the reason why their appreciation is high over the long term.

R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. belongs to a group of companies which is led by SNAPCORE, Inc., that focuses on investing in so-called growth markets and offers high valuations to shareholders owning preferred and dividend stocks through r2p invest SICAV a qualified investor fund.

*) NPLs = Non-performing Loans


Natalie Ponomarou


Natalie has two higher education degrees from universities of Thessaloniki and Athens. She has work experience in the fields of operations in financial and leasing services, sales and customer service, management and coordination, education, content writing and translations. She speaks fluent English, Greek, Russian and German.

Viktor Dokučajev


Viktor Dokučajev is the main “driver” of the whole group. In twenty years of experience, he built a financial empire with a billion annual turnover operating in 12 European countries and Asia. He constantly looks for new business and financial opportunities.

Petr Žáček

Member of the Supervisory Board

Years of business experience allow Peter to manage business partnerships and investor relations. Common sense, business sense, and above all a human approach … these are the cornerstones of his business life.

Bohuslav Kratěna


Brilliant financial strategist with twenty years of experience from large international corporations.

Thomas Pappas

Financial Analyst

Thomas is a positive personality with a demonstrated history of working in various fields of the Financial Sector. Holder of BA Business Administration and MSc in Finance from Athens. Skilled in Accounting, Analytical Skills, Banking and Credit Analysis. He speaks fluent Greek, English and intermediate German.