We ensure a balance between debtors and financial institutions.

R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. is a partner of financial institutions for analysis and settlement of non-performing receivables. We invest in portfolios of non-performing receivables.
Subject of investments

Subject of investments

R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. offers a genuine opportunity to make successful investments.
Assessment of NPL Portfolios
Based on predetermined requirements and criteria, we select portfolios that are suitable for investments, and at the same time, we assess the credibility of the lender.
Approval and Purchase
Once the selected NPL portfolio meets our required criteria, the approval of the Investment Committee is required. After their endorsement, the selected NPL portfolio is purchased.
Handover for Collection
Our partner MBA Consult takes care of the management and collection of the purchased NPL portfolio.
Return of Investments
With the gradual collection of originally non-performing loans, the investment, together with its valuation, returns to us within a pre-planned time horizon.
*) NPLs = Non-performing Loans
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Connection with SNAPCORE a.s.

R2P INVEST PTE. LTD. is property-linked with the public limited company SNAPCORE a.s. It invests in the world’s growing markets, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and North and South America. Thanks to making investments through r2p invest SICAV, it offers high investment returns. Through our company, SNAPCORE invests its capital in real assets with stable growth in value.

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Cooperation with MBA Consult Group

Our sister company MBA Consult, which is also property-linked with the public limited company Snapcore a.s., provides complete service and management of the receivables portfolio. It is one of the strongest players worldwide in the field of consulting and debt management thanks to its well-established processes and fair practices. MBA Consult Group operates through its subsidiaries in 14 countries around the world and is rapidly growing, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and North and South America. It works with more than 500 large corporate clients worldwide.

MBA Consult Group